Our Proven Cloud Migration Approach

Our unique approach is proven guidance that brings together cloud adoption best practices from experts, partners, and customers. It provides the tools, guidance and narratives that cloud architects, IT professionals and business decision makers need for their cloud migration to achieve desired business outcomes. This guidance aligns to the following phases of the cloud adoption lifecycle.

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Define business justification and expected outcomes of adoption



Migrate and modernize existing workloads

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Operations management for cloud and hybrid solutions

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Align actionable adoption plans to business outcomes

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Develop new cloud-native or hybrid solutions

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Manage organizational alignment

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Prepare the cloud environment for the planned changes

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Govern the environment and workloads

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Continuously evaluate and optimize using the latest technologies

Framework of our Azure Lifecycle

Define strategy:

  • Understand motivation

  • Business outcomes

  • Business justifications

  • Prioritize projects


  • Methodology

  • Benchmark

  • Initial best practice

  • Governance maturity


  • Business commitments

  • Operations baselines

  • Operations maturity


  • Digital estate

  • Initial organizational alignment

  • Skills readiness plan

  • Cloud adoption plan


  • Azure setup guide

  • First landing zone

  • Expand the landing zone

  • Best practices


  • Migrate

    • Azure Migration guide

    • Migration Scenarios

    • Best practices

    • Process improvements

  • Innovate

    • Azure Migration guide

    • Innovation Scenarios

    • Best practices

    • Process improvements

Our Cloud Adoption Framework Process


Cloud Adoption Framework Process

Discovery & Analysis

Using proprietary tools, we scan and assess your infrastructure, application & data to determine best fit services based on strategic business needs.


Leveraging data from discovery and analysis, we assess your business needs, identify opportunities and recommend the optimal migration strategy.


Our analysis tools help discover dependencies to prioritize applications and identify required remediation's helping you reduce risk, time and cost.


We use automated cloud management and migration tools to support a smooth transition, along with a transformation management plan to stay on track.

Why should you choose Azure to facilitate your Windows server migration and SQL server migration?

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Unmatched Security

Highly-intelligent security services which are backed by literally thousands of cybersecurity professionals and industry-standard compliance portfolios

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Unparalleled Innovation

Gives you the ability to fully manage your infrastructure and services - allowing you to free up more time for your project creation

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Unbeatable Offers​

Azure offers you the lowest cost of ownership by combining unique price offers and extending your security updates.


Case Studies

Rehost SQL on Azure

Rehost Windows Servers on Azure

Refactor SQL on Azure

Perks of Buying Licensing from Us

  • Same pricing as Microsoft's listing

  • Free migrations with no limit on environment size
  • Unlimited 24/7/365 access to Microsoft Premier support

  • Advice on improving performance and security while reducing costs

  • Advisory and guidance on architecture and infrastructure.

  • Advisory and guidance on architecture and infrastructure.

  • Absolutely free MSP monitoring and VM patching with custom notification schedules

  • Dedicated team to help you PaaS-ify services

  • Continuous cost monitoring and altering

Office Desk

Why Choose Henson Group?

  • Implementations at only a fraction of the cost of our global competition

  • ISO 27000, 9000, 20000-certified and GDPR compliant

  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

  • Named Partner of the Year six times by Microsoft

  • 17+ years of experience

  • Most employees are former Microsoft engineers

  • Access to rare product groups, code, and extensive tech knowledge

  • Free escalation path to Microsoft Premier support