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Adoption Services for Datadog

As organizations adopt an increasing number of technologies, their applications and overall technology stacks become more complex. With Datadog’s platform for observability and Henson Group’s Adoption Services, customers can realize complete visibility into all their technologies, across all their teams. Benefits of this include reduced operational and development costs, reduced risk associated with outages and application performance, and improved agility across their teams.

Services Offered

  • Datadog Proof of Value: A 4-week guided evaluation of Datadog

  • Application Health-Check : An in-depth review of application performance and reliability

  • DevOps Assessment: Baseline your current DevOps capabilities and plan your transformation journey

  • Datadog Activation Packages: Services and support for new and existing Datadog customers


Datadog Proof of Value   4 weeks / $25,000

  • Realize the benefits of Datadog in action with a Henson Group guidedproof of value including 14 days of Datadog licensing

  • Scope the requirements, due diligence, and processes for a proof of value engagement

  • Define and manage resources, timelines, and success criteria

  • Implement Datadog via agent and integration configuration

  • Develop one high level KPI dashboard

  • Walkthrough three customer specific demos with high level findings

  • Receive a full scorecard on success of customer criteria fulfillment


DevOps Workshop  3-5 weeks / $45,000

  • Kick off with an overview of DevOps workshop

  • Conduct 13 1-hour workshops with various team
    representatives over 3 weeks to evaluate your DevOps

  • Close out with an executive briefing detailing findings and
    next steps

  • Receive your full DevOps report

  • Objectively benchmark your current state of DevOps

  • Plan your transformation journey and align on next steps


Application Health Check  Starting at $30,000

  • Henson Group led or assisted review of an application and its supporting ecosystem as it pertains to performance and reliability

  • Application and business stakeholder interviews

  • Scoping of application footprint and technology stack

  • Identification of business value KPIs for application

  • Targeted implementation of Datadog for focus application

  • In-depth quantitative analysis of underlying infrastructure,
    application, dependent services, and network performance

  • SLO/SLI testing and customer experience testing (if applicable)

  • Bottleneck, latency, and root-cause analysis

  • Conclusion report with all observations, supporting data, and
    customer options for remediation

  • Datadog uninstall or turnkey handoff


Datadog Activation Packages  Starting at $50,000

  • Henson Group led implementation of Datadog or review of existing Datadog environment

  • Definition and implementation of tagging strategies for cross-layer filtering

  • Implementation or review of customer metrics to ensure visibility into business KPIs

  • Agent and Integration implementation

  • Custom integration development for non-natively supported technologies

  • Logging optimization via best practices for indexing and archiving

  • Implementation or review of WatchDog alerting and
    outlier detection

  • Enablement sessions for handoff or Henson Group Managed Datadog Services


Perks of Buying Azure from Us

  • Free cloud migrations for Azure, M365 & D365

  • Free 24/7/365 access to Microsoft Premier support
  • Free performance and security optimizations

  • Free cloud advisory and guidance services

  • Award-winning Microsoft partner status

  • Free MSP monitoring for CSP customers

  • Microsoft expert and gold status = less risk

  • Continuous cost monitoring and alerting

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Why Choose Henson Group?

  • Implementations at only a fraction of the cost 

  • ISO 27000, 9000, 20000-certified and GDPR compliant

  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

  • Named Partner of the Year six times by Microsoft

  • 19+ years of experience

  • Most employees are former Microsoft engineers

  • Access to code and extensive tech knowledge

  • Free escalation path to Microsoft Premier support