Microsoft promotes Henson Group

Microsoft promotes Henson Group's ISV Accelerator package on their Twitter feed. Explore #MSPartnerThe Henson Group's ISV Accelerator Package to learn more about seamless and cost-effective cloud migration:

Accelerate. Don’t complicate.

Whether it’s the pursuit of digital transformation, increased agility, or infinite scalability, the push towards cloud-based operations continues to be a requisite for innovative businesses.

When you’re looking to gain a competitive advantage, the right migration partner can help to increase your revenue, eliminate migration costs, and launch your application to a receptive audience. A holistic migration solution provides more than just remote access to your files: it sets your business up to take full advantage of the powerful Microsoft Azure tool set.

When you’re ready to push your software company to the next level, Henson Group delivers risk-free cloud migration for ISVs who want to migrate seamlessly, transparently and cost-effectively. Henson Group can also enable strategic partnerships between clients and Microsoft’s established marketing force, to get your applications gaining ROI faster and with more reach.

Collaborating with Henson Group will help your business:

  • Migrate and optimize. Leverage the expertise of our architects and experts, to build your application in line with Microsoft Azure best practices.

  • Accelerate revenue. Rapidly increase launch cycles and hit the ground running in Microsoft MarketPlace and Appsource.

  • Stay confidently supported. Unburden yourself from infrastructure administration, management and monitoring with Microsoft Premier support, so you can focus on your strength: development.

If you’re concerned about the complexity or cost of migration, Henson Group offers free migration for qualifying companies and training as part of their ISV Business Accelerator package.

Join Henson Group in your mission to migrate and launch effectively. Please provide your details, and we’ll be in touch.